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Professional Training
Hicap hold the education philosophy of "everyone trained, everyone successful" to improve the value of human resource in long term. According to the principle of “putting on the stress to the post need while taking employees potential development into account” to build up internal training system, professional internal trainer team and internal E learning platform. At the same time, Hicap uses competency model guiding employees’ potential development to achieve sustainable development through employees’ continuous participation and team improvement.
Outward Training
Hicap launches the outward training aiming to let her employees can do the following things.
Know their own potential, enhance confidence and improve their own image;
Overcome psychological inert and get the perseverance of overcoming difficulties;
Stimulate imagination and creativity to improve the capability of solving problem;
Understanding the role of the team to improve the participation consciousness and responsibility;
Improve social relationship and learn to care about others to cooperate with others harmoniously.

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