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Corporate Responsibility

Green Saving Circulation Efficiency

Fulfilling corporate responsibility, Hicap attaches great importance to environment protection refusing the products causing environment pollution in production process and never recommending the products that may bring environment pollution to customers.
Phenolic coating produces benzene gas out of limits in production process which seriously does harm to the environment and employees’ health while the residual bisphenol is toxic and does harm to customers health. In capsule industry, Hicap is the only company rejecting phenolic coating and refuses to produce and sell aluminum caps with strongly toxic hexavalent chromium alumina.
Following the principle of “make the most of things”, Hicap uses energy, raw materials and auxiliary materials efficiently and takes positive actions to make our company get greater social and economic benefits with reasonable investment.

1. Chromium (especially hexavalent chromium) is a kind of strongly toxic heavy metal, which is easy to enter into human body cells doing harm to DNA and internal organs such as liver and Sidney. It has carcinogenicity and may cause genetic mutations when accumulates in human body.
2. With similar function to estrogen, Bisphenol A is a low toxic chemical to make female animals precocious, decrease sperm count and improve prostate growth at very low doses. It also has a certain degree of embryotoxicity and teratogenicitycan which increases the morbidity of animal ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and other cancers. Now many countries have put strict restrictions on raw materials containing bisphenol in the world.

Health Care:
Health checks for new recruits.
Annual health checks for all staff and special health examination for employees in special posts.
Health Security:
Pay social medical insurance for the staff, and purchase accident injury insurance for special post.
Allocate articles of protection and check the use of it regularly for the staff.
With the occupational health and safety system authentication, we start health education in the forms of lectures, network propaganda and others.
Women Workers Protection:
Special health checks for women annually.
Special care for pregnancy and lactation women and extra lactation welfare for lactation women in addition to the welfare paid according to the national policy.
Holiday welfare for female staff on National Women’s day.

Support Those in Distress and Aid Those in Misery

Hicap pays much attention to humanistic care. When her employees are into trouble, Hicap will provide material and spiritual help to them; when our country suffers from serious disasters, Hicap takes on her social responsibility actively.

Over the years, Hicap has always sent people to visit employees of financial difficulties to give them care and subsidization on the Spring Festival and other important holidays. In order to let her employees feel warm from company, Hicap allocates funds and mobilizes others to contribute for ones who suffer domestic calamity.

On May 12, 2008, a devastating earthquake hit Wenchuan in Sichuan Province and millions of people suffered it. After this earthquake, Hicap allocated fund and mobilized employees to donate money summing up to 300,000RMB to the people in disaster areas expressing concerns. At the same time, Hicap brought help to the employees of Deyang Hicap in the disaster areas.

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