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Company Profile

Hicap Closures originates in the beautiful coastal city – Yantai in 2000. Our vision is “Dedicated to become a professional high-quality cap manufacturer that earns customer’s trust, employees’ satisfaction, community’s respect and world-class recognition”. Aiming to serve leading companies in liquor, wine, drink and oil industry, Hicap Closures now owns three subsidiaries in China, namely Hicap Yantai, Hicap Deyang and Hicap Luzhou.

After ten years of relentless effort, Hicap Closures has been trusted and recognized by customers for its high-quality products, services and sustainable innovation initiatives. We’ve built a strong portfolio of clients, including Luzhou Laojiao,Jiannanchun, Langjiu, Fenjiu, Maotai, Jinfeng, Kerry Food, Infinitus and more. Nowadays Hicap Closures is sold worldwide including South-East Asia, Europe, CIS, Australia, America and Africa,etc.

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